Zelle scammers want to steal your cash. Here are 5 ways they’re doing it

Zelle users beware: Scammers have their sights aimed straight at you. That’s right – the money transfer service has quickly become the preferred method of thieves everywhere looking for instant gratification. In fact, our team receives daily pleas for help from shell-shocked victims of new Zelle scams.

Here are five of the latest ways Zelle scammers are doing business and how you can avoid falling victim.

What can you do if you sent money to a stranger by mistake?

What if you sent $500 to the wrong person by mistake and that person refused to give back your money? That’s the shocking situation in which Rossin Asilo recently found herself.

Using the money transfer app Zelle for the first time, Asilo made a simple typo entering her friend’s phone number. That error dropped the cash intended for a memorial donation into the wrong person’s bank account. Unfortunately, that stranger appears to view the transaction as a $500 windfall and will not return the money.

Now Asilo is hoping that the Elliott Advocacy team can find a way to get her money back. But that request might just prove to be an impossible task.

If American Airlines gave you a flight credit, this is what you need to know

Last February, Susan Dunlap was excitedly planning an adventure to Hawaii. Unfortunately, soon after she made the reservation, the coronavirus made it clear the trip was ill-advised. Despite her hopes for a full refund, American Airlines quickly issued a hefty $2,635 future flight credit.

Now, Dunlap is afraid that the pandemic will make it impossible to ever use that flight credit from American Airlines. So she’s asking the Elliott Advocacy team to mediate a cash refund instead.

But can we? 

This is what happens when you don’t want to tip on your cruise

What if you don’t want to tip on your cruise? Or maybe you’re not against cruise gratuities, but prefer to give on a person by person basis. Can the cruise line force you to pay a set amount for the crew’s bonus?

That’s the question Laurie May wants answered. She says Oceania recently blindsided her by adding $320 to the cost of her 10-day European cruise. The reason? Automatically added gratuities.

Now she wants the Elliott Advocacy team to retrieve the crew bonus and put it back in her wallet. But is that something we can do?